Promoting Post Traumatic Growth Versus Managing Post Traumatic Stress

November 10 08:06 2021
Neuroscience Based Programs Support Women Experiencing Stress Related Mental Health Symptoms During the Pandemic.

Darla Meulemans, MA, CADC III, QMHP-C, Owner of Mind Potential Northwest in Portland, Oregon, founded Awakening Whole Brain Wisdom Online Programs in response to the increased demand for remote services during the pandemic. With waiting lists growing to 12-18 months for therapy across the US, she wanted to find a way to support women experiencing stress-related mental health symptoms with home-based, effective strategies, during such a time of need.

Health polls consistently show a rise not only in adults reporting symptoms of anxiety and depression, but also in sleep problems, worry and stress-related symptoms, and substance use. Many of these individuals may not be able to access proper care, or won’t be adequately helped by traditional talk therapy or pharmaceutical interventions alone. Meulemans believes that therapeutic interventions must address both the psychology and the underlying physiology, namely nervous system dysregulation, and there must be a brain-based component to be effective. That means offering clients strategies and approaches that get at the underlying mechanisms that create instabilities and high arousal in the nervous system, including panic attacks, mood swings, and the Fight or Flight Response, to name a few.

Many individuals who have experienced adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) will struggle more and be less adaptable during turbulent times. They report chronic stress-related physical and mental health symptoms, as well as problems with emotional regulation, when faced with new challenges or unpredictable circumstances, such as those experienced worldwide since 2020. This places an increased burden on our healthcare system that is already over-taxed.

This is why Meulemans developed The Anxious Mind Makeover Workshop & The Resilience Reset Programs – to offer health-oriented psychology and education (HOPE), individual and group coaching, & support services to women experiencing anxious feelings, overwhelm, mood disruptions, relationship conflict, low self-esteem, and other stress-related problems. She expertly coaches her clients through a series of lessons and neuroscience-backed strategies, which promote neuroplasticity (brain changes) and allow for deep personal transformation and self-healing.

Meulemans has a background in mental health, addiction behavior medicine, neuroscience, nutrition, and energy medicine, and over two decades of successful mental health and wellness coaching to thousands of clients. She trains and mentors other health professionals in the application of EEG Biofeedback, and she offers programs grounded in cutting-edge neuroscience and timeless natural remedies. She combines the right balance of nurturing, inspiration, and expertise which fosters self-awareness, cultivates a mindset of self-belief, and rewires the brain for resilience & success. Her clients report feeling immensely supported on their healing journey while gaining the confidence and empowerment that allows them to transform their lives both personally and professionally.

Meulemans encourages women who need help rising above their past circumstances and reclaiming their mental health and emotional balance to find a practitioner who can combine brain-based strategies with supportive counseling.

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