MeBlox, a well-known metaverse infrastructure project, has been strategically invested by the Royal Fund of the United Arab Emirates

November 09 17:27 2021
MeBlox, a well-known metaverse infrastructure project, has been strategically invested by the Royal Fund of the United Arab Emirates to boost the ecological prosperity and development of the meta-universe

Recently, the famous underlying infrastructure project of metaverse MeBlox royal has acquired the equity strategic investment from UAE royal fund Bin Zayed Group, and established a long-term strategic partnership. MeBlox is committed to creating a traffic gateway linking the multiverse, providing value enabling based on the trust mechanism at the bottom of blockchain, and fully promoting the development and application of the metaverse ecology, thus ushering the metaverse ecology into a new era.

MeBlox is a digital aggregator version of Roblox, the world’s largest online multiplayer creation game, which will be connected to VR and motion sensing devices to become a more immersive 3D virtual reality platform. MeBlox connects the creators of the entire network to build a virtual entertainment and social product UGC platform through the bottom-layer consensus protocol based on decentralized blockchain technology. It carries the assets and identities of users with the bottom-layer mechanism of blockchain, forms a complete commercial closed loop with the token economy system, and creates the world’s top player community.

MeBlox, as a traffic gateway to the metaverse, fosters a real socio-economic system. It has five core pillars: First, it creates and enables the traffic gateway to the metaverse through online protocol layer connectivity; Second, the next generation of virtual authoring tools + systems, with innovative underlying protocols to meet the needs of many content creators and players, and support unreal Engine 5 access and upgrade; Third, the leading digital twin and human-computer interaction technology, VR/AR/MR+ advanced motion sensing equipment, will bring players into the extremely realistic, sense of the scene of the metaverse space and time; Fourth, rich offline metaverse immersion experience, to experience the chain ecology of the museum to allow more users to experience the advanced equipment of major metaverse companies; Fifth, a real social and economic system, with decentralized technology to carry assets and identities creditively, and build a real economic system and closed-loop model.

The Meblox DAO is a distributed, autonomous organization composed of core members selected by the Meblox association. As the world’s leading metaverse ecosystem aggregator, Meblox aims to link and connect countless metaverse projects and bring infinite possibilities to the metaverse ecosystem. Meblox Boardroom DAO is an important step of Meblox decentralization. Every Boardroom DAO member can make suggestions for Meblox’s future ecological development.

MeBlox team has reached strategic cooperation with many international technical organizations, and will participate in the construction of high-quality overseas community alliance and unite with many famous community online AMA. MeBlox has won the favor of international well-known investment institutions and sovereign funds in the short term. In addition to the support of the track and direction, MeBlox is also recognized by the investors for the long-term value of the MeBlox team and project, which will promote the rapid implementation of MeBlox technology products in the market. Let us march hand in hand into the future of infinite stars!

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