Nuvestan brings an innovative financial tool that helps consumers visualize the value of their purchases within a given time

November 09 06:00 2021
Nuvestan has unveiled a game-changing financial visualization tool that allows people to learn about the value of their purchases for free and invest more with the money they already have.

Nuvestan brings an innovative solution that enables people to save regardless of their financial situation. It introduces a financial tool that lets them visualize the worth of their spending habits and compare it to the same cash if invested in stocks and ETFs at that time.

According to Pew Research, only 52% of families making a median income of $40,000 invest in the stock market directly or indirectly. In contrast, 88% of families that make $100,000 or more invest in the stock market. With the growth of fractional shares (or dollar-based investing) and Robo-advisory, individuals with $5 here and there can invest in the stock market without investing much. 

“That means the gates to invest in your future are open to everyone. People do not need to make more money to invest. They simply need to pay attention to their current spending habits and understand the future dollar value of their purchases. That’s where Nuvestan comes into the picture,” says Nuvestan founder and CEO Stephen Umunna.

Nuvestan serves as the sole financial visualization tool that helps people become aware of the actual value of their purchases within a given time. Mr. Umunna says that while several budgeting websites show individuals if they have blown through their budget, Nuvestan takes it further. 

Mr. Umunna explains: “Often, we look at a $4 cup of coffee as a small purchase. However, if you buy a cup of coffee three days a week, those purchases add up not only because of the money you spent but the potential money you missed out on in the stock market. We offer you a visualization of how those $4 purchases would have been worth if you used that money in the stock market instead of on that very day.”

Nuvestan leads the charge in helping individuals squeeze out their money than what they already have for their investments. It pushes people to spend wisely and think long-term. 

Mr. Umunna says each of the purchases is categorized. For example, if someone ate at McDonald’s, their purchase would be classified as “Fast Food.” Nuvestan breaks down the purchases based on categories and shows how much money they would have made in various stock markets on that very day. 

“Imagine all of your sudden fast-food purchases or coffee runs added over time while the stock market goes up in the long run. You missed out on a lot of financial opportunities using the money you already have, spending it on items that you didn’t need,” he adds.

Nuvestan uses measures like 256-bit encryption and multi-step authentication to protect data and purchase history. The platform does not store financial account usernames and passwords.

Those who want to learn more about Nuvestan may visit the website for more information. 

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