How RocketOffr is making it easy for investors to buy properties virtually

November 09 05:57 2021
Off-market real estate deals provide several perks to investors, and leading company RocketOffr leads the charge in making it convenient and straightforward to buy properties virtually.

In the pandemic-era reality of home buying and selling, leading company RocketOffr has ramped up efforts to make it easier for investors to buy off-market properties virtually.

RocketOffr has become the ultimate go-to platform for off-market real estate deals and has led the charge in making virtual out-of-state investing as easy as possible. The platform offers cash-flowing rental properties as well as those that can be a great fix & flip. The company also showcases properties for those looking to BRRRR (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat). Investors can filter them on the RocketOffr website so they can see all the deals available. 

“What inspires me to do this is helping other investors grow their real estate investments and achieve financial freedom,” says company owner Hayato Hori.

To get started, investors should submit their offer and information to the RocketOffr website. An assignment contract will be delivered electronically once an agreement has been made and must be executed by the buyer within 48 hours. 

Once the assignment contract is signed, the RocketOffr team will introduce the buyer to a third-party title company it uses that will help facilitate the closing process. The closing date will be written on the assignment contract.

An Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) of $5,000 must be wired to the Title Company within three days of Assignment Contract signing. The buyer will be able to request due diligence on the property with a minimum of 48-hour notice to RocketOffr. Closing costs will be outlined on the final settlement statement and vary depending on the deal. 

Hayato says the RocketOffr team has a variety of connections where it can introduce buyers to. It can also assist in providing lenders, property management companies, insurance companies, and even contractors.

The RocketOffr team would send buyers a list upon receiving a signed assignment contract. They can pick from a list of the team’s favorite vendors and work with one that they feel most comfortable with.

The team also conducts inspection reports with third-party inspectors so investors would have a complete and transparent view of the property without ever having to go there. Hayato says they will be provided pictures and walk-through videos. 

Purchasing rental properties is the best strategy in this economic downturn, says Hayato. With rental properties, they have monthly cash flow coming in. If investors have purchased their rental properties in a strategic market such as Cleveland, they will notice that people will still be able to afford rent – even if they are making minimum wage.

Investors looking to start taking advantage of the current opportunities in real estate may visit the RocketOffr website to learn more and get started right away.

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