Flicka Rahn’s Latest Musical Release, Ascension, Brings Waves of Calm and Healing

September 23 23:54 2021
Ascension, the stunning third installment in The Icaros project, is a follow-up to the book, The Transformational Powers of Sound and Music.

Ascension, the latest musical release from the renowned opera singer, composer, academician, and sound therapist Flicka Rahn, brings relaxation and healing during these difficult times. Created as a follow-up for the book she authored, The Transformational Powers of Sound and Music, Ascension tracks were crafted with percussive rhythms and pitches that transform the mind, body, and spirit. Ascension is the third Icaros album following Hymns to Gaia, and Chakra Soundscapes. It is available via all music platforms.

The idea of The Icaros albums was born from Flicka Rahn’s experiences with the Shipibo Indian tribe in Peru. During that time, she felt the profound impact of music on healing and transformative experiences. This experience brought her and her colleague Daniel Wyman to create music with elements drawn from ancient rituals, indigenous cultures, meditation, chakra functions, and sound therapy. Ascension tracks, recorded at 432Hz, are crafted to immerse and take one on a journey of healing, love, and peace.

Flicka Rahn resides on a rural ranch in Texas and is actively working on sharing her expertise in music and meditation. Currently, she is offering private and group healing sessions.

Ascension and all Icaros albums are available on all music streaming platforms and at http://www.flickarahn.com/.

About Flicka Rahn

Flicka Rahn is an internationally acclaimed vocalist, composer, and sound therapist. In 2017, she and a fellow musician, Daniel Wyman, released The Icaros: Chakra Soundscapes, an album of meditation and healing. In 2019, Flicka Rahn released the second Icaros album, Hymns to Gaia: Honoring the Elements. This year, she released the third Icaros album, Ascension.

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