Jacked Vegans Announces Fitness Program for Vegans

April 01 00:36 2021
This team of trainers designed a fitness program based on the three pillars of fitness. These pillars include nutrition, training, and accountability.

Most people think that if they stop eating animal products, they’re going to turn skinny, they’re going to lose a bunch of muscle, and it’s impossible to build a great body. For professional vegan fitness coach Julian Hierro, founder of Jacked Vegans, vegans can still build muscles without consuming animal products. To guide vegans on a fitness routine based on nutrition, training, and accountability, Julian and his team at the Jacked Vegans announce the launch of its coaching program.

Julian is one of the most sought-after vegan fitness experts in the world. He’s also a CrossFit champion. Like some vegans, he was once completely frustrated with his fitness. Over five years of his life were wasted with bad training and bad nutrition. He used to spend over two hours every day in the gym. There was a period where he was even going twice a day, only to see slow progress. He felt unhappy with his health and decided to take things more seriously.

Then, Julian became interested in the vegan lifestyle when he realized it has a low impact on the environment. When he was confronted with the suffering that animals went through just to put food on people’s plates, that’s when his journey to learning about good vegan food and the best fitness practices really took off. Today, he shares his advocacy and passion for fitness with the world through the company and via his Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube channel.

Jacked Vegans is composed of three other fitness trainers who share the same passion. Eileen Reichert is better known as one of the influencer duo, the Om Twiins. She’s a passionate animal activist, vegan advocate, fitness coach, and owner of the Om Studio, the first all women’s training center in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Her main goal is to help others transition into a vegan lifestyle and thrive, through healthy sustainable flexible eating habits and weight training.

Eileen’s twin sister Gilian Reichert, is also one of Jacked Vegans’ coaches. While she shares the same passion with her sister, her main goal is focused on helping others go vegan and transform their bodies through healthy eating habits, progressive overload training, and lifestyle coaching.

Completing the round-up of Jacked Vegans’ certified trainers is Josh Thomson. Josh has a master’s degree in Kinesiology at the University of Central Missouri with a minor in Sports Nutrition. As Head Exercise Specialist at the Jacked Vegans Academy, Josh applies his extensive study and recurring knowledge of training and nutrition in his role as one of the leading exercise scientists in the field today.

Once signed up, Jacked Vegans trainees are up to acquire life skills in nutrition and training for sustainable fitness. The company also provides professional guidance that will require only the trainees’ presence and execution. The company also offers a personalized approach to accommodate its clients’ individuality and preferences. Trainers at the company will also check in on each client daily for accountability and speed of execution.

For more information on Jacked Vegans, visit http://www.jackedvegans.com.

About Jacked Vegans

The Jacked Vegans Academy is one of the fastest-growing fitness programs in the world. To date, it has helped over 600 people on their fitness journey. Today, it continues its mission to help vegan men and women achieve their fitness goals. The company powers on with its advocacy while saving animals from suffering and protecting the environment from the negative impacts of commercial animal farming and fishing. Jacked Vegans also has a powerful online community, science-based principles, easy-to-follow programs, and innovative 1-on-1 coaching.

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