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March 03 03:22 2021
Glass It Price Tracker will find deals & a discount price. Daily price check sends price drop alerts. Don’t lose your browsing privacy for a coupon.

When the Avhad family was expecting their first baby girl, Rajesh Avhad was determined to plan ahead. One of the big items to purchase would be a Elvie breast pump, which typically sells for five hundred dollars. Rajesh began monitoring the price using Glass It Price Tracker. In less than a month, he discovered a 10% price drop to $449.95

The Avhad’s story underscores a new shopping experience after social distancing became the norm in 2020. Many consumers favor online alternatives to an in-store experience as they continue social distancing. Rajesh’s older brother Amor Avhad, also a father of two young children, knew the challenges families were facing firsthand during this time.

Amor founded Glass It LLC in 2020 to help online shoppers find discounts, without losing online browsing privacy. At a time when we see a massive shift to online everything, privacy has become an even bigger issue with companies leveraging user data to run their businesses. “There are many ways to find deals, discounts and do price tracking,” Amor said, “but ultimately Web Engineers are the real world professionals & experts who can tackle price monitoring issues on behalf of the average consumer or small business. Anyone can watch prices everyday or use a daily deals solution that requires access to your internet browsing activity. But people should not be forced to give up online privacy in the hopes of finding a discount or coupon. Consumers change as time goes on, and so you see new solutions out there like Netflix and Glass It that rise up to fill in the demand.”

Glass It Price Tracker find discounts for just about any online item – vehicle tires, rental property, clothes, gaming, tech, etc – by monitoring the publicly displayed online price everyday at various websites. “Glass It Price Tracker looks for a discounted price during a daily price check and lets you know when prices dropped. If something goes wrong monitoring the price, or an item is discontinued or off the market, as is the case with real estate and vehicles listed for sale online, we’ll let you know or fix the issue”, said Amor, who is the founder and first Web Engineer at Glass It LLC.

While the thrill of mall shopping likely won’t go away anytime soon, innovation can only create new shopping experiences. And perhaps it’s not too bad if people can find some savings along the way.

About Glass It LLC

Glass It LLC provides Web Engineering support services to help average consumers find discounts while going about normal shopping on sites like Amazon. Glass It Price tracker monitors the price of online items everyday with technical support from Web Engineers. Glass It Price Tracker is Available on iOS & Android for mobile, and as an add-on for Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Chrome.

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