Aspiring life coach teaches individuals how to overcome distractions through her book ‘Drown to Float’

March 02 21:51 2021
Osay is a 23-year-old aspiring life coach, real estate investor, business mogul, and motivational speaker!

Austin, TX, United States – Osay, also known as the Purposeful Walker, has found her passion in being a life coach. Over the last few years, she has created multiple brands and helped people start their businesses, get sales, and gain confidence in every way possible by believing in her capabilities and leading by example. However, her main purpose in life is to intentionally teach ambitious individuals how to overcome their distractions, find their purpose, and stay connected to a higher source.

Her own troubles and childhood led her to realize what she needed to do in order to achieve inner peace. It was her difficulties and lack of wholesome satisfaction in life that became the driving force behind her writing her book Drown to Float; a definitive self-improvement guide for people who want to be go-getters and live in their image of themselves rather than through someone else’s lens.

Drown to Float was created to help those who are operating in a vision that society thinks they should be in vs what their heart truly desires. It’s for those who know they have the potential to become great but do not know where to start. This guide also caters to those who want to drown out the noise of their distractions and experience divine peace by embracing it rather than running from it.

Through her wisdom and knowledge encapsulated in a book, motivational speaker and now writer Osay wants to enable individuals to free themselves from the chains of their own thoughts. She believes, that it is only through overcoming distractions that a person realizes their true purpose in life and begin to appreciate the path that they are truly meant to walk. Her mantra for her entire journey has been three simple words: Prove Herself Right

About Osay Eniya:

Osay has always been a very ambitious and focused young woman. She became a self-taught hair stylist at the age of 12 and was doing everyone’s hair in the community. This is where her go-getter mentality originated from. Coming from a broken home, she never let her environment be a roadblock to her success. As a very observant child, she watched and learned from others’ mistakes and outlined exactly what she did not want to become. Through being able to accomplish so much at a young age, she began to have so many dreams and goals but not a clue about where to start.

Expectations from society crippled her into confusion and she began to operate in others’ expectations instead of a purpose that would be right for her. Osay was originally Born in the Bay area in California, she moved to Austin, Texas for her college education and never looked back. After a while, she spent her time lost in making money without any personal fulfillment. Fortunately, Osay found out very quickly that she needed a shift. This led her to write the definitive guide, Drown to Float.

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