Chartlog Introduces Journaling and Analytics Software for Traders

January 27 23:36 2021
This software company helps traders find their edge with effective trading tools.

Trading can be very tricky. It is difficult to predict and quite challenging to keep up with. For traders, monitoring and interpreting performance is very crucial in being successful. To help traders make better decisions, increase profits, create savings, and identify the best strategies to use, Chartlog offers its useful and effective tools designed to make trading easier to understand and manage.

Chartlog is a journaling and analytics software that offers different features that have powerful functionalities. Some of these include dashboards, journals, insights, strategies, charts, and market data. These help traders monitor market movements, analyze trades, and focus on what works. Chartlog also supports multiple brokers and trading platforms. This makes importing trades more convenient for traders by partnering and working with trusted brokers and platforms.

“We built Chartlog as a means to keep track of our portfolios. But not only that, more so to build strategies around what works best, and replicate our winning strategies to maximize our results,” said a company representative.

Chartlog aims to provide traders convenience pre-, during, and post-trading so they can make better trading decisions. Its tools offer effective ways for performance management. With Chartlog, users can create dashboards that allow them to easily access the important elements in their trading. Chartlog journaling and charting help track personal progress and mistakes that can help make better decisions the next time. While journaling encourages traders to note their mental and emotional states during the trading to show how it relates to the performance outcome, charting allows traders to study their performance to identify strong points and weak spots.

Chartlog also provides insights and data analysis. This feature allows traders to review market trends and the history of personal trade performance for future use. It can identify the best time to trade, and compare performance by stock names, strategy, and price range to name a few. Chartlog also helps traders find their most profitable strategies by comparing and creating criteria that can serve as their guide. In this feature, traders can use sample sets to test their profitability before using them in live trades.

But what sets Chartlog users apart is their full access to market and historical data. Users can use Chartlog’s advanced charting feature and are provided with data from 16 US exchanges, as well as access to more than 15 years of historical trading data.

Simply put, these features and more that are found on its website,, empower traders across the globe to trade smarter, be profitable, and save more. By measuring and tracking strategies and interpreting personal trading performance, Chartlog is a good way to look back at one’s trading history to know one’s progress and mistakes, and identify and focus on what works.

About Chartlog, Inc.

Chartlog, Inc. is a journaling and analytics software provider that enables traders to be profitable in the financial markets. Its browser-based software program is designed to help its users analyze trades and focus on strategies that work best for them.

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