Pizza Equipment & Supplies has unveiled its latest product range for 2021

January 20 16:15 2021
Pizza Equipment & Supplies has unveiled its latest product range for 2021

UNITED KINGDOM – JANUARY 19, 2021 – Pizza Equipment & Supplies is the number one online shop for all of your Pizza Equipment needs.

Pizza Equipment & Supplies specializes exclusively in the pizza-making sector and has many years of experience in the catering industry. They have worked with hundreds of businesses over the years and provide the perfect pizza equipment solutions.

Today Pizza Equipment & Supplies has unveiled its latest product range for 2021, whilst taking into account the added demand for takeaways throughout the Covid-19 era. With the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been an increased demand for takeaways and food collections, especially delicious Pizza that can be delivered, warm, and directly to people’s homes. Pizzas have always been a popular deliver choice and liked by the masses and this is being made evident by the number of new pizzerias that are being opened every day.

With this influx of Pizza consumption, Pizza Equipment & Supplies has introduced a wide range of pizza making products for this Year. You can find a detailed description of their product catalogue below.

Pizza Equipment & Supplies Product Catalogue

Pizza Equipment & Supplies stock a large range of pizza equipment; wood-fired ovens, gas ovens, combi ovens, dough mixers, and much, much more. They guarantee the quality of every piece of equipment they sell by trying and testing each product. This ensures their customers are investing in the very best available.

The Best Pizza Brands

Pizza Equipment & Supplies have some of the best pizza-making product brands in the world. These include Marana Forni, XLT, Eliani, IGF Italian Deck Ovens, Zio Ciro, Scugnizzonapoletano, Sigma, Vitella, Italmix, Rhino, Proluxe, GI Metal, Wunder-Bar, Foster Refrigeration and Atosa Refrigeration. These brands cover all the equipment needed for the pizza-making process from Dough Mixers to Pizza Ovens as well as all the Pizza Accessories.

A Whole Range of Pizza Ovens

There is a diverse range of pizza ovens out there that offer various different additions to your pizzas. Pizza Equipment & Supplies sells a wide range of different styles and brands of pizza ovens to suit all commercial and professional kitchen needs. From Conveyor Ovens, Electric Deck Ovens, Wood Fired Ovens, Gas Fired Pizza Ovens, Professional and Residential Ovens; Pizza Equipment offers you a wide selection to choose from to suit your very own pizza making requirements.

Dough Equipment for All Requirements

Getting the dough right is crucial for any pizzerias serving pizzas. But when you are running a busy pizzeria, serving a lot of people it is very easy to get this crucial process wrong. Pizza Equipment & Supplies stocks a range of dough equipment to suit any kitchen – dough mixers are available from 10-litre tabletop versions up to 130-liter bowls ready to mix 100KG of dough. They have Dough Rounder’s, Dough Dividers, Dough Presses & Dough Rollers. Everything you need to keep your kitchen running efficiently and to help reduce your preparation times.

Diverse Refrigeration Options

Keeping your ingredients fresh is very important when it comes to making great tasting pizzas. Pizza Equipment & Supplies offer a whole host of refrigeration options either as pure refrigerators or as refrigerators and preparation counter combos. These enable you to boost your pizza making speed on top of making sure your pizza ingredients are fresh and ready to be put on pizzas that are ready to go in the oven.

Countless Pizza Accessories

Pizza Equipment & Supplies is not limited to big items such as dough mixers and pizza ovens. There is a large number of important accessories that are used to make pizzas which include things such as pizza peels, oven brushes, grill pans, pizza wheel cutters, pizza servers, and pan grippers. All these items ensure the creation of the perfect pizza. Pizza Equipment & Supplies’ catalogue has a large number of such items for you to choose from.

Miscellaneous Pizza Equipment

Other than the usual suspects, Pizza Equipment & Supplies stock unique pizza equipment such as Automatic Pizza Saucers & Food Slicers, which help to reduce the time needed to make pizzas and makes the whole process much more efficient.

Pizza Equipment & Supplies is one of the leading online pizza equipment suppliers in the world. Their catalogue of pizza equipment will rival anyone else and their quality of service and after-sales service is unparalleled.

Their reputation has been cultivated over the years due to this stellar service they offer on top of the performance of the products they sell.

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