New Health Passport Technology Promises to Bring People Back Together and Help Restart Economies

November 20 09:06 2020
New Health Passport Technology Promises to Bring People Back Together and Help Restart Economies

November 20, 2020 – With the coronavirus leaving most economies struggling, workplaces and public venues like stadiums and theaters now look severely deserted. Most workers have turned into remote employees, and the biggest question at the back of everyone’s mind is – “how do we get back to some sense of normalcy, and resume social interactions and public gatherings of people?” For many people out there, the answer is the GetChkd Health Passport.

After many months of rigorous testing and fine-tuning, the team at GetChkd is pleased to introduce the public to the GetChkd Health Passport. The underlying technology will not only help in re-opening smarter and safer, during COVID-19, it will also usher in a transformation of the way data is shared – maintaining people’s privacy while sharing data across platforms and devices.

The current objective of the GetChkd platform is to ensure those people and businesses that wish or need to resume to some sense of normalcy for their emotional, physical or financial well-being can do so in a safer and smarter way – while ensuring freedom of movement from place to place, protocols across locations are followed, and most importantly, privacy is maintained. 

The GetChkd Health Passport has been successfully piloted at the Elixirr Corporate Headquarters in London. The Elixirr pilot was called Indaba – the Zulu word for “bringing people together” and highlighted Elixirr’s consulting expertise and GetChkd’s ability to interconnect hardware, software, devices and platforms, while also securing all employee’s private and confidential data. 

The applications of the Health Passport are numerous, and GetChkd is currently in talks with airlines, sports and concert venues, hotels, commercial real estate groups, and others about ways to re-open at scale and mitigate risk without compromising the customer experience. 

The GetChkd Health Passport has been designed exclusively to help restart global economies, get people and families back together, re-open businesses and public places, create safe environments, protect personal and confidential data, and bring the world to a better place. 

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