“Data Transformers Podcast” bridges the gap between business goals and technology initiatives by focusing on Data

November 20 04:00 2020

With the rapid advancement of technologies such as AI, ML, IoT, Cloud computing, etc and the explosion of data that these technologies rely on, it is absolutely important to manage the data in intelligent and efficient ways. To operate any business successfully, whether it is big or small, proper data management is quite crucial. This is where the “Data Transformers Podcast” comes to light. This podcast bridges the gap between business goals and technology initiatives to accelerate digital transformation by focusing on Data.

Hosted by Peggy Tsai and Ramesh Dontha, the “Data Transformers Podcast” was launched on November 11, 2020. Peggy and Ramesh invite guests on their podcast who are experts in the respective fields of data science, analytics, data management, and insurance just to name a few. . Here is a partial list of the guests on the podcast: Dr. Bonnie Holub. Chris Cheatham, Abel Aboh, Vin Vashishta, Shefali Sonpar, Jay Zaidi, Dr. Fiona Browne, Jill Dyche among others.

Talking about the “Data Transformers Podcast”, the hosts say, “We’d like to foster data management by interviewing the transformers in the industry who are leading the way in digital transformation. We also would like to bring our perspectives, the latest trends, and most valuable resources to you so you could be a data transformer in your organization.”

The podcast already received 50+ ratings and reviews on iTunes. Here is one review: “Very good setup, especially, in the second episode. There are so many topics that are not addressed in the industry. I believe that data governance is practiced incorrectly right now. I want the hosts to bring guests that can talk about modern data governance”.

Peggy, with over eighteen years experience with knowledge in financial companies, and being a firsthand witness of the importance of data in business transformation, alongside Ramesh, with over two decades worth of analytics experience in the corporate and start-up world, make the best duo to host a technology and business-based podcast. The podcast is informative yet lively and personable that keeps the listeners hooked until the very end.

If you are interested in the latest technologies and trends and how data plays a significant role in deploying them to make a business impact, this is the only data podcast you need to keep on your playlist. . 

Listen to the “Data Transformers Podcast” now on Apple Podcasts.

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