Patronage Filtex, India’s 1st and Only “State of The Art” Manufacturer of Ceramic Foam Filters Spans Product Reach Around the Globe

November 18 19:59 2020

Ceramic foam filters are widely used in metallurgical industry filters, thermal & sound insulations and automobile exhaust-gas purifications etc. With predominant utilization in foundries to improve the casting of fluid metals, filter contaminations, reduce porosities, enhance structural stability and resistance to thermal shocks giving a better output in the casting quality the usage of ceramic foam filters has been amplifying in industries these days.

Patronage Filtex India Pvt. Ltd stands to be India’s 1st and only “state of the art” manufacturer of ceramic foam filters spanning its product reach around the globe. The organization has been prominently associated with the big players of the foundry industry & remains focused on being a “Made in India product manufacturer for the world.

The organization has marked its presence in the industry as a reliable manufacturer of ceramic foam filters i.e. Silicon Carbide ceramic foam filter, Alumina Ceramic Foam Filter, Zirconia Ceramic Foam Filter from a small setup to a colossal unit of manufacturing approximately 5 million ceramic filters per month.

Ceramic Foam Filters available in custom pore size, shape and porosity in order to obtain satisfactory filtration effect.

As a leading manufacturer of ceramic foam filters, Patronage Filtex India Pvt. Ltd. deeply understands the requirement of the clients and meets the top notch standards of quality for all commonly used metals. With high quality production in the equivalent environment, alignment of designs and innovation with the corresponding market trends, service of exceptional value with every product and constant engagement in R&D are the core Patronage Filtex Pvt. Ltd is now a promising manufacturer of ceramic foam filters spanning product reach around the globe.

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