Mannings 2020 HBWA List was Announced, Australia’s skin care brand EAORON won the new facial mask brand award

October 23 20:55 2020

Australia’s best-selling skin care brand is getting recognized and supported by the industry’s top offline data flow in the distant Chinese market. On September 25, 2020, the award ceremony of Mannings HBMA bodybuilding · beautifying · appreciating ended perfectly in Guangzhou Intercontinental Hotel. Many brands and media people came to the scene to witness the birth of Mannings bodybuilding · beautifying · appreciating list. Among them, EAORON Australia, which has set 130 physical stores and online shopping mall in Mannings, has won the good new brand mask award by hundreds of good stuff testers and all the channel consumers.

According to people inside this industry, EAORON has made great efforts to develop China’s mainstream offline channels represented by Mannings and Fresh Hema in recent years and has been standing out rapidly with its super strong product strength. This award of Mannings channel’s new brand award is the reflection of the rapid growth of EAORON’s sales in China’s mainstream health and beauty chain stores.

It is reported that as a brand under Dairy Farm International Holdings, the largest retail group in Asia, Mannings is the No.1 health and beauty chain store in Hong Kong. After more than ten years of development, Mannings China’s Direct stores in the mainland China have covered dozens of cities in East China, South China, North China and southwest China. Mannings China’s annual bodybuilding · beautifying · appreciating HBMA annual selection is aimed at the current products of the store, allowing store members and customers to vote for their favorite products of the year. Mannings’ stores will also flexibly adjust the shelf products according to the results of customers’ voting in order to meet the needs of consumers of different ages.

This selected new brand EAORON is the first-line skin care brand of Australia. Its product has long been the champion of Australia’s major pharmacies, supermarkets, as the gifts to being back for foreign tourists. At present, EAORON hyaluronic acid collagen moisturizing facial mask (EAORON hydro lifting facial mask) has been selling in more than 130 stores in Mannings, and has joined the shopping mall of Mannings with two other major products: EAORON propolis mask (EAORON bee venom mask) and propolis hyaluronic acid collagen essence (EAORON smear type hydro lifting).

It is known that these three products are all EAORON’s benchmark products. Among them, EAORON smear type hydro lifting is the Australian cosmetics export champion of the year. It makes hyaluronic acid and other effective ingredients into molecules and let it penetrate into the skin dermis quickly after smearing it on the skin, so that the skin can be beautiful safely without injection. EAORON water hydro lifting mask combines the rare hyaluronic acid with the world’s thinnest Redwood fiber mask cloth. It has excellent moisturizing and replenishing abilities, and is highly recommended by stars such as Zhang Jingchu, Zhang Yuqi and Liu Xijun. EAORON bee venom mask is used by Zhu Zhengting and Zhang Xinyu. It uses New Zealand’s national treasure, Manuka honey, as the main ingredient. The function this mask advocates most is strong repairing ability. The product has been recommended for many times by Li Jiaqi and Wei Ya, the two big recommenders on Taobao.

According to people inside this industry, EAORON is Australia’s national skin care brand that has been popular in recent years, and Mannings is a chain store brand with huge sales capacity in China. The cooperation of the two channels will help Chinese consumers to buy pure and safe skin care products from Australia more conveniently, so that more consumers can share the latest skin care technology from Australia at the same time.

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