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January 31 14:58 2020
Monica and Diana are best friends. They do everything together but still, they differ from one another.

Monica easily gets upset. Even just the smallest mishaps can send her into a state of anger, frustration, and shouting – long queues, traffic, hot weather, mean colleague. Her mood is directly influenced by what’s happening in her surroundings. Diana, on the other hand, doesn’t get easily frustrated. She doesn’t let small mishaps get to her. She decides on how she would react to things and she is happier most of the time, compared to Monica.

What is the difference? Their choice in managing their emotions. Emotions are a vital part of one’s life. Emotions are powerful, as they determine how you deal with life’s everyday challenges, how you decide on things and how you interact with other people.

Day by day, you are driven by your emotions. Without a doubt, your emotions dictate your actions, thoughts, and intentions with superior authority to your rational mind. Learning how to manage your emotions can help you remain calmer and become mentally stronger.

Gaining control over your emotions is easier said than done but it is a worthwhile pursuit. It can be a challenge to regulate your emotions but it isn’t impossible. Like any other skill, managing your emotions require dedication and practice.

One company can help you better understand the concept of managing your emotions and that is is an online platform that aims to nurture one’s well-being with its groundbreaking online courses. Its online courses revolve around targeting one’s holistic development and this includes helping individuals learn how to manage their emotions and remain calm amidst life’s challenges.

According to, emotions can alter between dangerous extremes. Veer too far to your right and you’ll be bordering on rage. Steer too much to your left and you’ll be in a state of euphoria.

Just like any other aspect of life, your emotions can be managed best within a logical perspective and by having a sense of moderation. This does not mean that you have to stop yourself from being happy; rather, it means handling your negative emotions with extreme care.

Negative emotions like bitterness, frustrations, envy or rage, tend to shoot out of control most, especially when they’ve been triggered. These negative emotions can grow like a weed in the long run and can be detrimental to your life. Don’t let these emotions stir within you. understands that it can be challenging to change the way you usually do, especially when it comes to your emotions. When you feel emotional or upset, more often than not, you just want to rant rather than be calm and pro-actively deal with the situation.

Having a better understanding of how your emotions work will gain you an advantage to be in a much better position. Your emotions can lead you to the direction that will greatly affect every part of your life. Learning how to manage your emotions is one of the best skills you can develop in life.

However, managing your emotions doesn’t necessarily mean you have to suppress them. Anxiety and stress come from suppressed emotions and this is not beneficial for you. shares some simple ways to effectively manage your emotions.

  • Awareness – Being aware of the times you become overly emotional can help you manage your emotions. Start to monitor your emotions and identify them. Doing this will give you the clarity that is essential in learning to manage your emotions and move forward.
  • Discover the “whys” – You have already identified your emotions. The next thing is to discover why you’re feeling it. What causes your emotions? You will realize that the way you think about a certain situation causes you to feel the way you do.
  • Solution – You have already discovered the why; now, think of ways to change your view towards a situation. You see, your thoughts directly lead to your emotions. If you understand a situation differently, you will gain a better understanding of it. This will make you less emotional, and thus make you calmer.

Learning to identify your emotions and understand them isn’t something done overnight. It will require continuous effort, discipline, and help from’s online courses before you can build this essential skill.

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