UNN Public Chain Shocking Online: “Community Autonomy” and “Decentralization” going hand in hand

August 10 02:36 2019

Recently, the UNN public chain will be launched soon, which will undoubtedly become the big news and shock the industry. 

For the blockchain industry, the long-awaited strategic upgrade of UN has really arrived! 

To some extent, the upcoming launch of UNN public chain is of landmark significance. Just as UNGLOBAL, as the world’s first integrated platform of blockchain, UNN public chain also has unique charming attributes and irreplaceable technical authority. As the world’s first application-oriented universal digital chain, UNN public chain perfectly uses a new algorithm to achieve super-efficient operation, and uses advanced quantum countermeasure ledger technology to contact the existing threats of blockchain. The birth of UNN public chain is a new cornerstone of blockchain 4.0 era from security and speed. 

In addition to strong technical strength and product quality, the upgrade has made UNN public chain reach de-centralization and de-institutionalization, and completely realized the transformation from barbaric growth to standardized operation. It is well known that “de-centralization” is one of the greatest advantages of the blockchain technology system, but now the market projects are uneven, and many of them even become more “centralized” under the swath of exchanges. However, UNN public chain always holds the idea and vision of reshaping the value of the blockchain industry. By establishing the connection between the accounts of different blockchain, it integrates all kinds of resources in the industry of blockchain and creates a universal public chain from the ecological point of view. We share information and resources, but there is no monopoly problem in the centralized operation. We will achieve the idea of decentralization, so that all users can benefit from the ecological environment of UNN public chain.


In addition, the establishment of a complete “community autonomy” system is another desirable advantage of UNN public chain. The upcoming UNN public chain completes the upgrade of value logic from machine agreement to community consensus and then to joint belief. You know, although many projects today also declare that they have given their rights to the community, in fact, they only give their obligations and burdens to the community. On the contrary, they have become the biggest winners, receiving most of the benefits. Such a situation cannot happen in the UNN public chain. The community autonomy advocated by UNN public chain is not an empty slogan, but to achieve real rights and obligations, users can enjoy benefits when they are doing contributions. 

“Decentralization” and “Complete Community Autonomy” are the consistent ideas and demands of UNN public chain, and they are essentially different from other exchanges. These two important features have become two carriages running side by side in the UNN public chain, helping them develop at a high speed in the fast lane.


Because of the successful birth of UNN public chain, UNN’s business model has been transformed from “wallet + application” to “public chain + ecology”, which undoubtedly makes UNN’s business model more ecological and three-dimensional. Indeed, for an enterprise, the road to victory is always full of storms. But teams with strength and conviction, such as UNGLOBAL, will only grow stronger and more courageous. Thus, the UN team, after experiencing various tests, launched the UNN public chain project grandly after phoenix nirvana. 

It is worth mentioning that the UN team will provide maximum compensation to users who have frozen tokens during KYC. The UNN team gives users UNN Token at 1.1 times the market value. At the same time, in order to concentrate on the value of UNN, UC will be suspended. UC balance compensates UNN at 1:0.9 and UC assets at 1:0.15. These measures will be replaced after the announcement is officially issued, with an estimated time of 2 days.


At the same time, in order to maximize the value of UNN Token, the replaced UNN will be unlocked in accordance with certain rules, in which ordinary users release 1% per day; registered accounts can be released 2% per day after June 1, 2019; beginners and above can be locked for 30 days, and then released 0.5% per day. 

After the public chain launching online, everything will become more open and transparent. Everyone will become the owner of UN. We can develop ecology and application, and truly realize the idea and demand of “the value of UN is determined by users.” 

Let’s wait and see the blueprint of the UNN public chain after it goes online.

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