A hot new single Young & Reckless released by Monso

August 10 02:27 2019

On June 21, 2019, Mexico. Monso recently released a new single “Young & Reckless”, which was loved by fans.


Jaime Monsonego Sitton is a famous Mexican DJ and producer.Born on November 14, 1997, Monso is a young local Mexican artist with great talent. Monso began his career as a DJ and producer at the age of 14.One year later,Monso held his first performance at the Ragga club in Mexico City, for more than 1000 people which opened the door to his music career and gave him the confidence to move on.


From that time, he has followed that path and had the opportunity to play at one of Mexico’s most historical vanues—foro sol. The concert culminated by the enthusiasm of more than 10 thousand fans.

Since then, Monso has been enlivened in Mexico and the world of music, and his musical talent has also been displayed in the vast world.Despite being only 22 years old, Monso’s self-contained music recognition is very high.He can master the skills of handing different types of music,and make music as interesting as he is.Monso has hosted 25 music shows in different Mexican cities and has performed with well-known musicians in seven music shows. Monso has such a pretty face and strength,and his music style is also easy to be accepted by the public.

Now go to Spotify and listen to Monso’s latest single, “Young & Reckless (feat. Paloma Rubio)” to hear and feel its beat.




Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4BUQop4GLrALtQtyNv7lTX?si=nVNr4zVwRkS6WSUsvV47Cg

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Coralina/Playa Del Carmen

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Tropicana (Mykonos)

Bamboo Club (Florencia)

Edm Southflorida (Miami)

Hyde/Mèxico City (2 Years Residency)

Jerome/Mèxico City (1 Year Residency)

Standard Gold/Mèxico City (1 year residency)

Bandasha/Mèxico City (1 year residency)

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