Innovative coffee grinder accessory for speedy and flavorful brews now on Indiegogo

August 08 23:21 2019
Hamac is a unique coffee grinder accessory which energizes hand grinders to bring the speed of an electric grinder into it yet without compromising on the flavor.

No more wasting time on sloth and tedious hand coffee grinders. Also no more sighs on burnt brews due to electric coffee grinders. A revolutionary coffee grinder accessory has made its debut on Indiegogo with the promise to present you the most flavorful cuppa anytime. Titled “Hamac,” the accessory makes any hand grinder automated so that it can brew you steaming delicious coffee faster than ever, but without giving in on the taste.

“We often take to electric grinders for speed and convenience, but these electronic devices badly affect the flavor profile of coffee beans. Yes, these are faster than hand grinders, but their super-fast grinding speed (over 1,000 rpm) can burn down your coffee beans – and that kills the flavor. You don’t have these issues with hand grinders, but these too suffer from glitches like lack of speed and uneven grind. But not anymore – Hamac is here to solve all the woes mentioned above so that you can enjoy the ultimate flavor of your cuppa yet without compromising on time, convenience and price”, stated a leading spokesperson from the Hamac team.

Hamac is designed to add the efficiency and power of an electric grinder into a hand grinder – yet without the negative aspects of an electric grinder. The FIRST of its kind, the accessory works in tandem with a hand grinder when you use it to grind coffee beans. 

Using Hamac is simple and straightforward. Here is a brief on how to use it:

  • Plug in Hamac into an electrical outlet
  • Remove the upper cover of hand grinder
  • Align Hamac with upper central axis of hand grinder
  • Press on grind button to enjoy powerful grind at the speed of electric grinder, yet without compromising on flavor

“Hamac is the ultimate solution to all your grinding challenges. It combines the best of both hand and electric grinders to amaze you with a quiet, super-fast and flavorful brew in no time- and that too at an affordable cost. Moreover, using Hamac is just a breeze and anybody can use it. Hamac will take care of all the legwork needed to do for your cuppa so that you can just focus on relishing your morning joe. Made by coffee lovers for the coffee lovers, it’s just the thing we all have been waiting for.”

The Hamac team is now experimenting with prototypes to perfect the design and will soon go for mass production. The spokesperson said they don’t want to rush but rather progress at a steady pace to get it perfect. 

“We will soon start with our manufacturing process. But such an innovative campaign calls for strong financial backup. Thus, this Indiegogo campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring Hamac to life and make our cuppas even more enjoyable. In fact, Hamac will also save you from wasting money on electric grinders.“

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