Insta-worthy Australian Brand Coconut Bowls Leads eCommerce Towards Carbon Neutral Shipping in the US and Beyond!

August 08 19:20 2019
Insta-worthy Australian Brand Coconut Bowls Leads eCommerce Towards Carbon Neutral Shipping in the US and Beyond!

8th August, 2019 – Australian eco brand Coconut Bowls has taken the world by storm after founder, Jake McKeon, starred on the Australian Shark Tank in 2018. He says that Coconut Bowls is more than a brand; it is a movement for global sustainability. As an ocean admirer, avid traveller and surfer, McKeon now spends his time and energy on making the biggest positive impact possible for the planet.

Coconut Bowls has always been driven by solving one main unsustainable problem, that is, by rescuing discarded coconut shells and upcycling them into bowls that people can eat from, McKeon felt that he wanted to do more. After rising to global popularity through both the eco-conscious and the plant-based communities, Coconut Bowls have historically donate a percentage of all sales to support three causes; for animals, for people, and for the planet.

In early 2019, McKeon found himself packing up his home and belongings to jetset to the United States to take the sustainable brand to the next level. From hosting beach clean ups and plant-based retreats, talking sustainable solutions at Shopify, to educating locals on single-use plastic waste, which sometimes felt impossible in cities of convenience, such as New York City, he decided that Coconut Bowls was to make a bolder stand in the sustainability space.

Two amazing things happened. McKeon, with his team, launched an educational wing to Coconut Bowls, and Plantd was born. Integrating two core passions, plants and planet, Plantd educates readers on all things plant-based health, vegan recipes and sustainability, with an emphasis on an inclusive and approachable platform for a sustainable community to flourish. This alone was not enough. McKeon made a big commitment at the beginning of July.

In an announcement to the Coconut Bowls community, McKeon said, “Coconut Bowls has purchased 50 tonnes worth of carbon offsets to cover every single order since we began Coconut Bowls, in January 2016. Consisting of over 70,000 shipments, from workshop to warehouse, warehouse to customer and beyond – all carbon created from shipments, has now been offset.”

This announcement coincides with McKeon’s commitment to offset all future shipments using Cool Effect, a progressive non-for-profit, investing in renewable energy, carbon capturing initiatives, tree planting, rainforest conservation and methane to clean energy conversion projects.

To take things further, McKeon also publicly announced that Coconut Bowls has joined 1% for the planet, a verified commitment to contribute 1% of all revenue to approved environmental charities and non-for-profits who are committed to fighting climate change. These changes show McKeon’s, and Coconut Bowls’ dedication to being a proud leader in sustainable business, with a mission to inspire others to do the same.

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