feisou lemon flavored shampoo, focusing on the mild and effective hair cleaning

August 08 19:12 2019

Everyones scalp produces oil because the sebaceous glands  distributed between the epidermis and the dermis of the scalp, and oil secretion varies from person to person. Why do some people have severely oily scalps? Even if they just washed their hair, their scalps quickly became oily, and the hair gradually became greasy.

There are two reasons for that: One is the natural oily scalp (genetic cause). The other is peoples own behavior, such as staying up late, eating spicy and greasy food, living under high-intensity work pressure, or frequently using of shampoos with strong cleaning power, all of these will cause the scalp to secrete more oil.

However, the micro-ecological balance of the scalp is maintained by water and oil, flora, and metabolic balance. Greasy scalp will not only affect peoples image, but also cause damage to the scalp. For example, strong oil secretion will cause inflammatory saturated fatty acids to be produced, and then cause imbalance of metabolism of the scalp, which will cause the stratum corneum of the scalp to metabolize very fast, finally leading to dandruff problems. In addition, it will destroy flora on the scalp. The greasy scalp creates a growing environment for the production of harmful bacteria, which will cause dandruff and itching.

People suffering from scalp itching and dandruff problems should start to clean the grease on their heads.

feisou SCALP DEEP CLEANSING shampoo, which is produced for people with greasy scalp. Adopting the mildest amino acid surfactants, feisou shampoo cleans peoples hair without irritating the scalp or making it tight and dry. The citrus limon essential oil and grapefruit peel oil can effectively help achieve the water and oil balance on the scalp, promote the secretion of hyaluronic acid and the normal metabolism of it. The fresh lemon scent can also refresh your mind and soothe your mood. At the same time, the natural small molecule moisturizer trehalose has been added to this shampoo to moisturize peoples hair.

For maintaining the refreshed scalp and fluffy hair, people are supposed to shampoo well, try not to use the strong alkaline shampoos that will remove the oil from the scalp excessively, which will actually stimulate the scalp to secrete more oil and finally lead to the greasy hair.

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