The Future Blockchain Project of Ten Thousand-fold Income – House Resource Plan, the World’s First Public Chain Aiming at the Real Estate Industry will be Launched Soon

August 07 17:45 2019

It will be a transformational product combination of the real estate industry and the blockchain industry. Through HPC public chain network, consumers, real estate developers and service providers, etc. can be organically integrated through token economy to realize the secondary upgrading and transformation of the real estate industry, activate the existing market of the real estate industry, so that all of us can pass through the blockchain technology to participate in the dividend of the development of the real estate industry.

HPC is mainly used for the pledge of all real estate enterprises in the HPC public chain ecosystem of the real estate. HPC uses the payment, transaction and circulation of digital assets as tools to realize the closed cycle of the digital assets ecosystem, promote the industrial exchange among small and medium-sized real estate enterprises, and create a credible token economy eco-network to realize the interconnection of asset transactions.

HPC will innovatively introduce the concept of practical token concept into the real estate market and, together with other applications of blockchain technology, to provide the greatest convenience for the relevant markets of all stakeholders in the real estate, including developers, intermediaries, buyers and tenants.

It specifically includes that developers can quickly finance to invest in development work by issuing practical token. Because of the nature of the practical token, its financing speed and financing threshold are much better than the traditional lending, securities and bond financing.

Moreover, intermediaries can use practical token to more flexibly allocate the ratio of their own housing resources to consignment housing resources, so as to provide more flexibility for business development.

Finally, buyers and renters can manage their assets (including property rights and usufruct) more conveniently with the help of practical token, which greatly improves their financial stability, and meanwhile, they look more hopeful to obtain a larger amount of loans.

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