Job Talks reveals terrific facts about Ontario’s construction industry in a new research report

August 07 09:18 2019
Popular work-related research company, Job Talks, provides a comprehensive summary about construction workers and their level of satisfaction in a report titled “Retaining Employees in the Skilled Trades”

“Retaining Employees in the Skilled Trades” summarized the results of an online survey conducted on 412 skilled trade workers in a bid to ascertain their level of job satisfaction. Figures from the report showed that construction workers are more satisfied with their jobs than most Canadian workers.

Canada’s construction industry has witnessed tremendous growth over the years. Ironically, the industry currently faces challenges with labour despite the plethora of opportunities for young people across a wide spectrum of trades. “The construction industry has a serious marketing program,” says the report’s director, Dr. Jon Callegher. “It’s time to put solutions into action.”

Several stakeholders across the industry have come up with possible solutions with The Residential Construction Council of Ontario (RESCON), in collaboration with the Ontario government, commissioning two reports that provide a road map to improve recruitment and retention of workers. The report by Job Talks aims to provide a better understanding of issues facing workers in the residential and infrastructure-related trades, while recommending ways of retaining them. More than 400 construction industry workers in the Greater Toronto Area across 10 categories participated in the study by completing a 30-minute survey.

The report titled “Retaining Employees in the Skilled Trades” was released in March. Some of the revelations in the report are briefly highlighted as follows:

  • 73% of workers were influenced by family or friends to enter the construction industry.
  • Only 8% of workers were positively influenced by a guidance counsellor.
  • 80% of workers prepared for the job through the help of industry mentors.
  • 65% of workers would strongly recommend their job to a young person.
  • 69% of respondents believe that there is a shortage of workers in their field.
  • 96% attribute shortages to stigma and negative parental influence.
  • 70% of workers believe that people lack knowledge about the trades.

The report and interviews with passionate construction workers can be found here –

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