Green Office Partner Helps Businesses Save Money by Managing their Print Infrastructures

August 05 23:21 2019
Green Office Partner Helps Businesses Save Money by Managing their Print Infrastructures

CHICAGO – Company leaders and managers rely on numbers to make decisions that increase profitability and business process proficiency, no matter the size of the business. Despite that, many are not aware of how much they spend on their print infrastructure and how to better manage and optimize it. Professional managed print services (MPS) like Green Office Partner provides customized assessments to show immediate areas for cost savings that simultaneously result in a noticeable increase in productivity. As such, this could transform a company’s processes altogether.

As a top MPS provider in Chicago, Green Office Partner lowers a company’s printing expenses by reducing reliance on print documents, improving document security and simplifying and transforming paper-intensive processes with digital workflows. Consequently, company leaders and managers can focus on strategic business growth and enjoy seeing increased productivity from teams, while Green Office Partner will deal with printer fleet and paper usage.

Some of the hidden costs associated with different print infrastructures that do not usually appear when businesses analyze profit and loss and eat up margins are the following:

  • Costs of everyday printer supplies
  • Managing and liaising with vendors and suppliers
  • Noting down and scheduling numerous processes of supplies and services
  • Environmental impact of document, paper, in wastage and excess
  • IT teams spending their days maintaining printers instead of doing more strategic initiatives

Green Office Partner presents companies with a clear picture of the fleet movement, usage and consumption and degree of utilization that allows workflow optimization and uncovers the above points. As a result, they also give you a greener way to print.

MPS is applicable for all types of businesses and industries; merely having a printer or copier will make it eligible. Powerful assessment software and tools are used to breakdown usage and utilization per device, brand or model, and cost per page. Green Office Partner can deal with the numbers and data down to the very minute detail per machine to allow businesses to optimize their fleet; thereby, balancing it out so each machine is used according to their intended function. Further, these data can be presented in easy-to-understand and user-friendly interfaces to maintain transparency and give a clear understanding of fleet movement.

As digitized workflow systems, processes and software become integral in every company, from various industries and sectors.  Green Office Partner lends a hand to ensure their clients engage in technological solutions to reduce overheads, increase efficiency, and staff productivity and innovate before they are left behind their competitors.

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About The Company:

Green Office Partner is a Xerox Managed Print Service Partner with 4 offices from Chicago to Los Angeles & services clients in 34 States. A national provider of managed print services & document management consulting. Their mission is to enable companies to focus on their core business by managing printer fleet, also develop “paperless” eco-friendly business processes. We focus on document-driven companies & industries–from healthcare, manufacturing, automotive, legal, education school & financial service institutions.

Their mission is to help organizations:

1) Reduce their reliance on paper documents

2) Cut office printing expenses by 20 – 30%

3) Improve document security

4) Simplify paper intensive processes with digital workflows

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