The new model started by SG Asia Wallet may become a new legend in crypto circle.

August 05 22:09 2019

In this August, when the crypto market is still at the prominent stage, SG Asia Wallet had took this opportunity to sprung up, making it a centre of attraction thus creating a name in the crypto market.

SG Asia Wallet has been funded by capital technology institutions such as INB Capital, PreAngle, Zhenge Fund, Danhua Capital, Forestbit, Neco Technology and Cloudon Fintech Group. It also establishes strategic cooperation with blockchain communities such as CoinDesk, Cointelegraph, CryptoCoins News, Reddit, and Blazers Group.

What is the difference between SG Asia Wallet and other mainstream wallets? First of all, SG Asia Wallet is a decentralized wallet. Users can transfer coins to various exchanges or other mainstream wallets at any time. The process is open and transparent, and block data can be queried. Secondly, SG Asia Wallet is a secure storage chain wallet. With offline storage technology, the user’s data and private key will not be recorded on the network. To change the device login, you need to recover the identity through the mnemonic to recover the assets. In addition, SG Asia Wallet has the ability to control the financial bubble and by having a team of senior  quantitative actuarial management team.

In addition, SG Asia Wallet has a powerful ecological quantitative trading module that combines trend forecasting, high-dimensional data analysis and other self-developed artificial intelligence technologies to achieve high-return asset management benefits. In addition, SG Asia Wallet provides the perfect solution using its cross-chain technology called S Pay. SG Asia Wallet’s S Pay is the output form of the future trillion-level assets, which includes the global payment channels of various ecosystems such as the S Card, S Pos as well as SG ATM, from credit card to legal currency to digital currency which can be converted at any time. It is the first in the world to realize the offline payment business scenario of digital currency, and truly builds a one-stop service platform.

The editor believes that SG Asia Wallet has many innovations, such as the “200-stage Panic Buying Plan”. The total SGC issuance is limited to 50 million SGC only which accounts to 50% of the total coins; panning into 200 periods where each period is releasing 250,000 units. The initial price is 0.1USDT and the price of each period will gradually increased by 2.5%. Due to the scarce quantity, the coin exchange promised a guaranteed price of at least 4 times higher than the initial release price. So what are you waiting for? The earlier you grab this opportunity, the higher the probability of grabbing, thus a greater gain.

S PAY of SG Asia wallet has also been highly praised in the crypto industry. SG Asia Wallet has issued a S Card through a credit contract, jointly with Master, Visa and other world-renowned payment institutions. It is a bank card that can support digital currency payment. On this basis, it also combines tens of thousands of physical application scenarios to complete service access and benefit distribution through the SG Asia wallet client, merchant back office and operator back-office, while ensuring cross-chain network operation and ensuring ecological health and sustainability. SG Asia Wallet also creates a business ecosystem based on chain payment.

It has recently be learned that SGC will be launched at Yourcoin exchange on the 5th August 2019, whereby the exchange will issue as candy to new registered users.

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