Tecra Coin launching their public ICO on January 17 2019

August 02 18:14 2019
Tecra Coin launching their public ICO on January 17 2019

Tecra, a company that aims to use high-quality graphene bulb for energy-saving, has announced the launch of their ICO on January 17 2019.

The main idea behind the Tecra Coin is the usage of graphene bulb as a sustainable alternative to the most current solutions in the field of innovative energy-saving light sources. According to the founders, the implementation of the product will take place in three aspects, in accordance with the principle of sustainable development, i.e. the balance between economic growth, care for the environment and quality of life of people.

Reported below a few Q&A with Krzysztof Podolski, Tecracoin Tecracoin CEO and co-founder (interview conducted by GoodNoon PR in collaboration with WebProLand)

Q1. What is the goal of your project?

A. The goal of the project is the development of Tecra company based on high-class design. Tecra intends to cooperate with designers leading to the creation of a new, complex design project. It will consist of an energy-saving, high-quality graphene bulb with an innovative design and a wide commercial use. The new product will be characterized by a high commercial potential and will constitute a solution with a number of competitive advantages in relation to the solutions currently available on the market. The product will satisfy the actual demand of consumers, as part of the program of creating an innovative Polish economy.

Q2. How do you foresee the project implementation?

A. The implementation of the project envisages the implementation of a new design project in the form of a graphene bulb for Tecra based on cooperation with professional designers.

The scope of the design process envisages, among others development of visual and material concept of the product, executive analysis of design variants and preparation of technical documentation. As part of the project implementation the following product properties will be designed:

a. Technical properties – the technology developed so far by Tecra will be refined to identify the missing components necessary for the functioning of the product.

b. Usability – during the project works, potential target groups will be identified and a scheme for customizing the product to a specific customer will be determined. The prototypes produced will be examined in terms of their characteristics and market needs.

c. Aesthetic properties – Tecra plans to create a perfect product both in technical and aesthetic terms.
The pioneering nature of work on a product requires that the final product is as visually attractive as possible to potential customers.  

Q3. Which is the top strength of this project?

A. The key to the success of project work will be the formulation of assumptions for the project brief and the definition of design trends. A detailed plan of the design works carried out as well as technical specifications of the resulting prototypes will be developed. Marketing activities will be focused on the preparation of audiovisual materials dedicated to the new design project. The final adjustment of the product to the actual needs of customers will require the involvement of an interdisciplinary team of designers, whose work will focus on finding optimal solutions in the technology industry characterized by a high level of complexity.

To conclude

Tecra Coin graphene-based light bulb the infrared light is converted to visible light with an efficiency exceeding 90%. This happens, among others because heat is not generated in the process, which is the case with traditional incandescent bulbs. The presented light source is also characterized by its high durability, because, as research shows, graphene material does not degrade as a result of stimulating it with a laser beam.

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