Overcoming Adversity! Keith Tong’s Newly Released Book Sets Readers Free from Past Traumas!

August 01 21:42 2019

Dallas, Texas, USA – Successful businesses owner and author Keith Tong has now released his riveting new book, Cutting Loose: An Inspiring Journey to Becoming a Beacon of Purpose and Love. This unique book is a resource for positivity and aims to help readers overcome extreme challenges to find success in all facets of life. The author shares details of times when his life hit complete rock bottom and how he was able to build himself back up to be a family man and a successful business owner.

Keith Tong is no stranger to the hardships, trials and tribulations of life. Growing up in the midst of poverty and bullying, Keith developed serious insecurities from a young age. In this new book, Keith bravely discusses his experience with sexual abuse and the impact it had on him up until he decided to cut loose from past traumas and create a life for himself that he truly wanted. He goes into detail about the darkest moments of his life and dissects their root cause. Ultimately, he states limiting beliefs to be the most foreboding threat to a person’s progress in life.

Cutting Loose also shares Keith’s struggles as an adult, ranging from homelessness to addiction. Keith bares it all in order to teach the readers a lesson: hope always remains. He wants his readers to have open minds and open hearts toward the uncertainties of life and embrace them with bravery. He urges readers to resolve their childhood traumas with forgiveness, love, and compassion in order to move forward in life and pass those barriers that are holding them back. From money and finance to past trauma and self-love, this new book effectively tackles an array of important issues that often hold people back and limit their potential.

Keith Tong is an author, a business owner, a family man but most importantly, a believer of love and hope. His life journey has been truly extraordinary. Ranging from childhood poverty to multi-million dollar lawsuits in his adulthood, Keith has seen it all. Having been homeless and addicted to heroin, he had to go against every force in order to find positivity in his life. He now shares his journey of finding success and love through his latest book. All proceeds from sales of this book will be donated to help the homeless population in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver.

Keith Tong is available for interviews.

Cutting Loose: An Inspiring Journey to Becoming a Beacon of Purpose and Love is now available on Amazon.com

Book Preview: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B07S3VRPNZ

About Keith Tong: http://www.amazon.com/Keith-Tong/e/B07RZPC4B5

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