7TECH V9 Offers Advanced 3D Printing Pen to Inspire Creativity in Kids and Adults

August 01 21:18 2019
7TECH V9 Offers Advanced 3D Printing Pen to Inspire Creativity in Kids and Adults
There are many 3D printing pen in the market but 7TECH V9 offers more advanced features. It is fast, easy to use, and can help create extraordinary 3D projects within a short time

To help people develop their creative abilities, 7TECH V9 is proud to announce their 3D pen filament. With this device, anyone can create extraordinarily impressive images using a simple device packed with innovative technology that is fast and efficient.

7TECH V9 3D printing pen can inspire creativity in kids, as well as in professional artists, designers, architects, etc. It is better than most similar products in the market because of its speed of heating, which is only 15 seconds compared to others that take nothing less than 40 seconds.

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There are many 3D pen on the market most of which is designed basically for the same purpose. However, 7TECH V9 is a special kind of product that comes with features that are more advanced and advantageous than what is generally obtainable in the market.

For example, the product offers twice the speed of the best 3D Printing Pen. While most other products take up to ten hours, 7TECH V9 delivers fast result at record time without compromising quality.

The loading and unloading time is also quite impressive. A lot of products out their take 25 seconds to 30 seconds to load and unload respectively, which can be very frustrating while trying to complete a 3D project. With 7TECH V9 the time is reduced to just 15 seconds which is considered a huge advantage, better comfort, and less complication.

The gearbox design is made with steel instead of copper, which helps to promote continuous service life from a mere 8 hours to about 48 hours. Heating head of the 3D Pen Filament is designed to make it easy for the nozzle to be replaced easily. Another point of interest for this incredible 3D pen is the improvement in the design that reduces or prevents clogging using ultrasound sealing method instead of glue.

With a patented ceramic nozzle and adjustable temperature and speed design, this 3D Pen for Kids ensures safety. It is also environmentally friendly as every material used don’t cause any damage to the earth. Filament heats up and cools to a solid shape with a heating temperature adjustable within 160 to 230 degree. The 3D pen is good for children to express creativity, while adults can use it to reduce stress.

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