Records of Union Chain Global Press Conference About Technology, Business and Prospect

August 01 18:00 2019

In the blockchain world and digital currency market with rapid changes and technology development, many summits attract global attention. The Global Press Conference of Union Chain Technology held on July 29th, Singapore, was even more sparkling and unique.

The summit was hosted by Sun Star Foundation and co-organized by Midday Sun Global Capital Management Co., Ltd. and QCHM-RH Foundation.

This summit attracted a wealth of seasoned professionals and elites in international blockchain-based industries, including the world’s top Internet and blockchain experts as well as internationally renowned media.

Focusing on the construction and development of infrastructure of Union Chain’s underlying technologies and aiming to promote global blockchain industrialization, the submit firstly pushed Union Chain technology to the world.

At the beginning of the event, Mr. Tomasz Tybon, Technical Director of Union Chain, appreciated the guests present and addressed a speech about the development of Union Chain Technology from theory to practice and its leading role in commercial projects and digital economy via a PPT.

Then, Mr. Geoffrey Leech, Representative of Sun Star Foundation, briefly illustrated the project’s technical development plan.

He said: “The blockchain, a technology-based renovation in all industries, has gradually been recognized around the world. Meanwhile, the research and development goal of Union Chain is to build a V3.0 Blockchain “Commercial Application” system that integrates contract technology, content socialization, digital asset bank and financial token starting from the practical applications.

Besides, Mr. Geoffrey Leech also expressed, “Union Chain is not an armchair strategist. At present, DApp-UTOKEN, the first technically commercial application of Union Chain, has been launched and operated.”

UTOKEN is an open service platform for digital assets that integrates digital asset reserve, liquidation, transaction, payment, financial management, social networking, shopping mall, live broadcast, life service and other scenarios. Undoubtedly, it provides an excellent model for the future blockchain market.

In the guest sharing session, Mr. Edward Johnson, General Manager of Investment Department of Midday Sun Global Capital Management Co., Ltd. shared his experience and feelings of “blockchain technology’s connotation and ecological application” that he gained all over the world.

He said on the site, “Our company attaches great importance to technology and application of Union Chain, especially, the project incubation and development in its technical application ecosystem.” He believed that the platform integrates all applications and projects of any individual or enterprise through its application port!

Such function is initiated by Union Chain Technology.

The launching ceremony of Union Chain eco-application promoted the summit to a climax. Mr. Tomasz Tybon, Technical Director of Union Chain, Core Member of Union Chain Technology Team, Mr. Geoffrey Leech, Representative of Sun Star Foundation, and Mr. Edward Johnson, General Manager of Investment Department of Midday Sun Global Capital, all came to the stage to announce a new start in the global ecological layout of Union chain.

The rapid development of blockchain industry has facilitated the transformation of the entire economic structure. It has undoubtedly taken an important step to improve the modern economic system. Ever more people are participating in this wave of blockchain sweeping the globe.

The global summit of Union Chain Technology is short but productive. It’s expected that we can deem this submit as a starting point and bring more valuable gains and brighter prospects to project sponsors, participants, enthusiasts and investors of global blockchain.

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